• Private


    Cardio and core hits to tone the arms, shoulders, chest, and back. 

  • Classes

     functional strength training with cardio hits to tone the legs and glutes.

  • Workshops


  • Yoga


    Upper and lower body strength exercises with cardiovascular bursts to improve endurance.

Who We Are.

RESILIENCE teaches how to live a stronger, healthier, and happier life.  We do this by training the mind and body along with a strong community/team atmosphere through group class instruction of High-Intensity Interval Training and Yoga.  Additionally, we offer a unique experience of mindfulness exercise classes using our custom HiMind headsets. To these modalities, we integrate the ten pillars of RESILIENCE.

Burn More Calories

Our workouts burn 2x the calories in half the time

Lower Stress

increase focus and align to your purpose

Save More Money

with two memberships for the price of one




Resilience has been an answer to my DREAMS!I have been waiting YEARS for someone to put GOOD yoga under the same roof as cross-training and functional fitness workouts... The classes are powerful and filled with positive motivation and community and sweat and good music. The instructors will push you and dance with you and sweat next to you. You will push yourself to the next level and watch yourself get stronger.

—  Jewel H.

The HiMIND Difference.

Research shows that environmental noise —background music, city sounds, people’s conversations, etc., leads to a decrease in performance for most people. 


HiMind (High-Intensity Mindfulness) headsets bring your training to a whole new level.  Designed to block out all outside environmental noise while delivering high-quality motivational music and the instructors voice directly to your ears. 


The result is unparalleled. 


Improved performance
More focused effort
Dropping into "the zone" faster
Higher motivation 



  • Hot showers

  • Yoga mats 

  • Hand towels

  • Two studio spaces

  • FREE filtered water

  • Refrigerated drinks

  • FREE street parking

  • FREE custom mobile app 

  • Customized strength equipment for HIIT training

  • Changing rooms

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