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How We Train


Yoga is proven to improve sleep, focus, flexibility, and agility.  It also reduces stress, improves memory and creates a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. 


Both fun and challenging, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective, scientifically proven training methodology for maximizing gains in the smallest amount of time.    


Resilience is built in the presence of diversity.  That is why we offer two different training modalities. When practiced together we learn to adapt to our environment, overcome obstacles and redefine ourselves in the present moment.


  • Hot showers

  • Yoga mats 

  • Hand towels

  • Two studio spaces

  • FREE filtered water

  • Refrigerated drinks

  • FREE street parking

  • FREE custom mobile app 

  • Customized strength equipment for HIIT training

  • Changing rooms


Whether my body and soul are craving a space to be nurtured or one to be pushed beyond my perceived limitations, Resilience delivers. I love that yoga and HIIT workouts have a home under one roof. The studio is clean and instructors are experienced. Class times vary throughout the day and provide plenty of options for those with both traditional and non-traditional work schedules.

Lynne O.

Overall, I've been coming here for close to a decade for a reason and for me personally, the rebrand has been excellent. I absolutely love the HIIT classes, quit my normal gym and have a one-stop shop that I visit five or six times a week. The staff is great, and several of them have become friends, even the ones I met on October first when the studio was relaunched. I can't recommend trying this place out enough.

Brian L.

Resilience has been an answer to my DREAMS!
I have been waiting YEARS for someone to put GOOD yoga under the same roof as cross-training and functional fitness workouts... The classes are powerful and filled with positive motivation and community and sweat and good music. The instructors will push you and dance with you and sweat next to you. You will push yourself to the next level and watch yourself get stronger.

Jewel H.

65+ classes

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